The Silver Horn of Adorini

By: Tom Medlar


Slowly, as silently as a goldfinch landing on a branch, Ella knelt in the lilies of the valley, and peered carefully through the pink azalea blossoms, as her brother Kieran ran about Grammy’s backyard, searching for her hiding spot. Ella saw a glimmer of silver under the lilies of the valley.


Kieran knelt beside her, not talking, but staring also at a small silver horn, as Ella moved the lilies aside with her hand. She held a small and shiny bugle, maybe 8 inches long. It felt just right in her hand, and she felt a surge of excitement to blow into it.


Ella blew a long note on the horn and it sounded like singing and shouting, more than music, and suddenly a smiling girl stood in front of Ella and Kieran.

They looked at each other and looked at the girl.


“My name is Adorini’, she said, still smiling. Your eyes often startle me Ella: I didn’t just drop my horn on the ground, I accidentally dropped it into time.”


Kieran and Ella didn’t know if they were in a dream, or if this was magic, or if this was how things were always supposed to be, but rarely were.


Yes, you’re exactly right, Ella, I’m your guardian angel,”  Adorini said, responding to Ella’s thoughts. “I use my horn to call for help if you are getting into trouble. Kieran has a guardian angel also; his name is Teleos.” Adorini said.


“No, Kieran,” Adorini said in response to the question in Kieran’s mind.  “He doesn’t have a silver horn; he uses a sword.”


“Is his sword made of silver,” Kieran asked, finding his voice at last.


Adorini said, “No, it’s made of fire. He is standing right behind you. He’s always right behind you, Kieran.”

 Teleos smiled at Kieran, and Kieran wasn’t afraid, even though the eyes of Teleos were also made of fire.


Adorini and Teleos turned suddenly, looking to the East. Ella and Kieran couldn’t see them for a brief second, and wondered if the angels left, or if a bright ray of sunlight simply blocked them from view.


Then, smiling at the children, Teleos said, “Kieran, you should always be attentive to where the moment is headed; you need to look for where this moment is leading; because you are looking for how things might turn out in the coming moment.  Kieran, make good choices, and do the things that you know are good. Small acts of goodness are being built up into something marvelous that you will not see until you join us outside of the limits of time.”


                                 ©2019 Don Ford

Adorini knelt in front of Ella and said, “Ella, remember these things: always let your kindness shine out to others around you.. God has given you special gifts, Ella, and he has many more to be giving you in time!  Now, there are other spirits who are unclean; they are bad, and they do want to tempt you: and that is why God has us watching over you!”


Adorini continued, “I see that you wish I would explain more things, tell you more answers about life and how to live. But God is not hoping for you to have all the answers. He wants you to trust that life as it is, as it continues to come to you, will have all the love and knowledge you will need. And, Teleos and I will always be right there with you. We are not going away, we are simply going -  unseen, yet always present, as is God.