Taking Down the Tree

By: Candace J Hardy 

Tessa stood gazing out the window. She was looking at the Christmas tree at the curb. She felt sad.


"It was such a pretty tree," she said, as she gobbled down the last Christmas cookie. "I just don't want Christmas to be over. It was so nice seeing all our cousins."


"And that huge turkey. I can still almost taste it," Patrick chimed in as he put the last of the tangled Christmas lights in their box.


 Just then the doorbell rang. "It’s Father Ron," Patrick shouted, as he opened the door.


Father Ron was carrying a big glass baking dish covered with foil.

"I baked this morning," he said. "Who would like some brownies?"


"I sure would," said Patrick. "Maybe the brownies would cheer Tessa up."


Tess smiled as she took Father Ron’s coat.


“I'm just sad that Christmas is over and won't come back for a whole year. Wouldn't it be nice if we could celebrate Christmas over and over all year round?"

Well," said Father Ron,"you actually can. Every time you go to Mass, you celebrate Christmas. Christ arrives in the sacrament. Just as we wait through Advent for Christmas to come, we wait through Mass for the Lord's Supper. We know that through the Mystery of the Eucharist, Christ arrives each time. It might be a year before you put the tree up again, put up your creche, or wrap Christmas presents, but you only have to wait until the next time you go to Mass to celebrate Christ's birth."


Just then, there was this sound of a motor outside and the recycling management was loading their Christmas tree onto the truck.


“I feel better, Father Ron."


"Good," said Father Ron. “I'm glad. Soon it will be ordinary time, but that’s special as well. It’s nice to get back to school and to work. You'd be surprised how many grown-ups are sad and depressed at Christmas time because they don't have that understanding. Now, how about cutting into these brownies while they're still warm."