Mission Statement:

  My Light Magazine is a Catholic-centered magazine for children. The goal is to help children nurture a deeper relationship with God. Many of our children know about God, but don't have that connection with Him. We aim to be a lightened path from our children to God Himself.  


My Light Catholic Children's Magazine features stories, articles, Bible stories retold, crafts, and poems to both entertain and educate children, and bring them closer to their Church and their faith.  While we currently are a non-paying market, we are working hard toward becoming a paying market. 


Should feature well-developed characters with a challenge to face or a problem to solve. Stories do not have to appear "overly religious" but should portray good Christian values values or the character’s ability to learn from choices that conflict with those values. We like to see realistic stories that show love for our friends as well as our enemies; respect for parents, elders, and authority; choosing moral paths; etc.   

Length requirements for stories, Bible stories retold, and articles:  

For ages 4 - 6:   300 - 400 words
For ages 7 - 9:   400 - 600 words
For ages 10 - 12:  600 - 900 words

Please be aware that all submissions to My Light Catholic Children's Magazine are subject to editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, length, and content.

Should be fun and easy to do. Preference will be given to crafts and activities tied to the listed theme. When submitting craft ideas, please also include 2 - 3 pictures showing various stages of completion, as well as one of the finished project, and specify the appropriate age group for your craft idea.  Simpler craft projects intended for readers aged 4 - 8 should not include instructions more than 350 words in length.  For more complicated projects geared toward readers aged 9 - 12, keep lengths under 500 words.

Should be faith-based, and centered on a religious figure, theme, or concept.  Keep in mind that poetry admiring God's creation is also encouraged. They may be up to fifteen lines in length.

While Bible stories retold should remain faithful to the original stories, the point-of view and style is up to you in order to create a fresh portrayal of the stories. Please cite the version you are using.  Please abide length requirements appearing above, and with regard to the age group of the intended reader.  Bible stories should be appropriate for children aged 4 - 12, and not include excessive violence.

With ALL saints' bios, query  first to make sure that saint's bio is available.  If it is, you will be notified, and that saint will be locked in for you.  This is to insure we do not end up with duplicate saint bios. 

Where to send submissions:  

Editor-in-Chief:   Jennifer Gladen  mylighteditor@gmail.com

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of My Light, Contact the Editor-in-Chief.   

In addition to lively, colorful work, your submission should include a cover letter and a bio, including links to your website(s). Be sure to mention any illustrating experience you may have and your ability to meet deadlines.

If you are chosen for an assignment, we will state the deadline in our e-mail. Also, we will let you know if we need one or two illustrations. Generally, we will want two illustrations for longer works and one illustration for shorter works. Dimensions can be 800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 pixels.  300 dpi minimum.