Saint Michael the Archangel

By: Jennifer Gladen

Who is Saint Michael? Is he a saint like Saint Francis? Or is he an angel in Heaven? If you said 'a saint,' you were right. If you said 'an angel,' you were also correct. As we know, a saint is someone who lives in Heaven with God. However, Saint Michael is also known as Saint Michael, the Archangel. He is believed to be the protector of God’s people against evil and the devil. Many Christians today use both titles--Saint Michael or Michael, the Archangel--for this unique being. We read about him several times in the Bible, including in the final book called Revelation. To read for yourself, go to Revelation, Chapter 12, Verse 7. You may see this written as Revelation 12:7.

©2012 Carol Brooke 

 Many Christians have a special devotion to Saint Michael because of the way he fights for us for God. In fact, one past pope--Pope Leo XIII--was inspired to write a special prayer about Saint Michael after receiving a vision. Pope Leo saw how much the devil wanted to defeat God, and did the only thing he knew that would work – prayer.

 And so, the famous prayer began:

 Saint Michael the Archangel, 

 Defend us in our day of battle.

 Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

 May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.

 And do so, thou Prince of Heavenly Hosts,

 Cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits Who prowl around the world Seeking the ruin of Souls. Amen. 

 And so, whether you see Saint Michael as a Saint, an Archangel, or both, always remember him as a special servant of God who is our protector against all evil.