Mary Magdalene 

 Feast Day July 22


Saint Mary Magdalene was a woman who lived during the time of Jesus. She was one of His faithful followers.  There are many stories about Mary during her time here on earth. The Bible mentions Mary specifically during two events. The first was the first time she met Jesus. He cast out seven demons from her. When she was healed, she told others about Him. They all joined Mary in following Jesus since then.

The other event was Jesus’ death and Resurrection. She was one of the few who remained with Him during His agony and death. She was also the first person Jesus appeared to after His Resurrection. 

There are other miraculous stories in the Bible that address a “Mary”. There is some debate whether these events involved Mary Magdalene or a different Mary. However, what we do know for sure about her was enough to cast her as one of the greatest saints from Biblical times.