Mary Magdalene Visits the Tomb

Retold by Jennifer Gladen

Based on John 201-18

It was Sunday morning when Mary of Magdala made her way over to the tomb. Just days ago, the soldiers crucified Jesus and placed him in a tomb. Since Saturday was the Sabbath, Mary decided to wait until Sunday to bring the oils and spices to anoint Jesus’ body.

When she arrived, she saw the rock that sealed Jesus’s tomb was rolled away.  She ran right away to get Peter. “They have taken our Lord,” she said, “and we do not know where they put him!”

Peter and the other disciples rushed over to the tomb. Peter went inside and saw the burial clothes there, but not Jesus. There was also the cloth that had once covered Jesus’ head rolled up in a separate place. They weren’t sure what was happening as they still did not understand that Jesus had to rise from the dead.

Mary Magdalene was sad and stayed behind after Peter and the other disciples left. She went into the tomb, weeping when she saw two men in there. One at the head of where Jesus would have laid and one at the end.

“Why do you weep?”

She said, “They have taken our Lord and I do not know where they put Him. “

Then, Jesus appeared, but she didn’t recognize him. He asked, “Why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?”

Thinking she was speaking to the gardener, she said, “Sir, if you carried Him away, tell me where you laid Him, and I will take him away.”

“Mary,” He said to her. It was then that she recognized him. He told her to go and tell the others the good news and that he was going to be with God the Father.

She left immediately and told the disciples what she saw and what Jesus said.