Meet our March 2019 Writing Contest Winner Tom Medlar

Author Tom Medlar was the winner of My Light Magazine’s first writing contest. Part of his prize was publication in My Light Magazine’s April issue. I caught up with him to ask him a few questions.


My Light:  Thank you for joining us Tom. And  congratulations on winning the contest. Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been writing and what inspires you?


Tom Medlar: I am married to Joanie and am a step-father to Amy and Joe, and a grandfather to Ella and Kieran. I have worked as a psychotherapist for 36 years, and work with adults of all ages in nursing facilities. I’m a Lector at Sacred Heart Church in Middleboro, MA. I have published professional articles, but my interest now is spiritual writing. I am inspired by the communicating closeness of God.

TM: Most enjoyable are the gifts of insight and fresh language that sometimes drop before you on the page. The challenge for me is to find the time and energy for writing amidst a busy life.


ML: I can certainly relate to that! What would you say to an author or illustrator who might be doubting their ability right now?


TM:  Don’t attend to those hypnotic, automatic thoughts; they are not helpful, and are not even personal: they are universally common artifacts of our anxious human nature. Just say a brief prayer, and work.


ML: How has your faith impacted your writing?


TM: My faith is the full purpose and inspiration for the writing I have done and aspire to do. Seeking fresh ways of communicating that to others. 

Thank you Tom!