Book Review of The Belt of Truth

Belt of Truth

Armor of God Book 1

Story and Pictures by Theresa Linden

Silver Fire Publishing

ISBN 9780997674781



Theresa Linden’s Book Series Armor of God is based on the Armor of God mentioned in the Bible. Book 1, The Belt of Truth, is a story about George Pennington’s mastery of this first Armor in Knight School. His ultimate desire was to be a Knight. It was difficult to get into Knight School and he tried several times. When he finally made it in, he would do anything to stay there. 

After he accidentally burned his mother’s tapestry, he realized that they may not be able to afford next year’s tuition. As the story progresses, George thinks that lying will get him out of these situations that continue to arise until something drastic helps him make the ultimate decision.


This was a great story, especially for children who just received First Communion and Confession as the Main character mentions his first sacraments. The story was engaging and kept my attention from chapter to chapter. The characters were relatable. While I loved George, my second favorite was his new friend Robyn.


Brother Coll’s Catechism Lessons are an excellent addition after each chapter. This was a nice tie to connect faith with everyday situations.

Theresa Linden did a great job with this captivating book and I’m anxious to see how George fairs in the rest of the series.

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